Established in 2003, Nourjian Ventures helps small companies grow or transition their businesses through refinancing, strategic partnerships, mergers, or outright acquisitions.  Through a combination of aligning strategic partnerships in Research & Design, Manufacturing, Production, Distribution, Marketing, Business Development and Financing, Nourjian Ventures assists companies in their struggle to move a business to the next level.


Its founder, R. Gregg Nourjian, developed this business model of “Venture Management” in response to many requests for assistance with strategic marketing and business development.  Mr. Nourjian's other business, MEC, is a Marketing & Promotions agency that specializes in unique ways of branding a product or company, developing strategic cross-industry marketing opportunities, and taking these brands to market.


Nourjian Ventures has worked with companies in many industries including Hospitality, Entertainment, Environmental Resources, Biotech, Life Sciences, Recreation, Health & Healthcare and Real Estate.


Current projects include Marion Entertainment Corp, Croma Restaurant Group, Bridge Bio Systems, Underdog Marketing, WenTech, and Charles River Entertainment.

Nourjian Productions

Boston, Massachusetts

tel (617) 519-9000